How to click on a hyperlink based on variable information

i need to be able to have uipath click on a hyper link based on a variable, containing the person’s name. the variable is taken from datatable up flow.

first i put the person’s name in a search field the page then generates a datatable. one of the columns are people’s name. i want to click on the name to open up another window that i need to fill out.

how do i do that?



Good afternoon Jason,

You’re going to need to use a dynamic selector for the hyperlink element you want the bot to click.

You would update the portion of the selector to use your variable (below is an example).

"<webctrl aaname=’ + PersonNameVariable + “’ parentid=‘Week2_control’ tag=‘A’ />”


ok so i now get where to put the info but I am the error that it cannot find the uI element.

below is how i am entering the variable patientName_selector.

i think i may be missing something.


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No worries Jason, it’s definitely kind of tricky at first.

You’ll want to copy the entire selector, put it in double quotes, and then overwrite the value completely in the Selector section in the Properties panel (shown below). Once this is complete, your selector should now show in the Expression Editor dialog.

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ok so i finally got it working. combination of recreating the click activity and using ALL OF THE SELECTOR info that it generated.

created a variable and assigned it the following

“ ”

this got me the results i was looking for.

also found “ ”

UiPath Tutorial For Beginners | Dynamic Selector in UiPath Part -2 - YouTube also was helpful


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