How to click on a download bar at the bottom of the page?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone already faced that issue?
Since this morning my application has started to ask me if I wanted to open or download the file which I was previously viewing automatically.
This is the new download bar:

First: Does someone knows why it has changed?
Second: How can I click on the Open button? If, at least, I want to re set up the robot on this new design I would like to be able to click on this button. Unfortunatly it doesn’t work! The button is not clicked.

Please send help!
Thank you very much in advance!!

You can uncheck the notify option to skip the below ribbon to notify you after download @Lili1


If you want to click on open, then use element exists and then click on open

Hi Thank you!!
So, the first option didn’t work but the second one yes.
I think I’ll continue by working on this one!
Thank you very much @HareeshMR