How to click on a claim number based on billed amount on this web page? I have the bill amount and if it matches with one of the bill amounts, then I need to click the corresponding Claim Number


You can try something like this: Use the ‘Click’ Activity and check the selector, there may be something on it reletared to the Claim Number. If so, right click on the number and click ‘convert to variable’,

If the click event opens another webpage, check the url. If there is the Claim Number on it you could create a URL string variable and use the ‘Open Browser’ Activity

Thank you for your reply but the problem is I only need to click/select that claim number which matches the billed amount I have in the variable. For example, in this case, I have $274.35 and I need to match it on the webpage in the billed amount column. After I match the row, I need to click on the corresponding claim number.

Hy, can you scrape the data to a Data Table? If so, you can try to filter it and look for the values and claim number

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Thanks @William_Blech_Sister, I scrapped the data and filtered it based on my conditions. I am facing an issue - I’m using Click Text activity to click on the hyperlink and passing the claim number but I’m getting below error - Click Claim Number : The method or operation is not implemented.

Any idea, what am I missing?

Hy @suneetkhurana,

Dont use ‘Click Text’ Activity, use ‘Click’ Activity on any given element and check the selector. try to change the selector with the Claim Number you want to click.

When I use only click activity, the selector is
Here the id is incrementing according to row position. For example, 0 in the end of id means 1st row and so on.

Is there a way I can include claim number in the selector so that it starts working.


You got this: You can bound the Claim Number to the Data Row. If the Claim is in position zero, the id for the selector is zero, does that work?

Can you share the site / workflow with me?

@William_Blech_Sister I have extracted the URL from data scrapping and then navigating the URL. So, I didn’t need to use the id in the selector. Thanks for your help.

Well done @suneetkhurana !!!

Glad I could help!!

Could you please mark this question as resolved?!

Thank you!!!


Sure thing! Many thanks :slight_smile:

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