How to click on 1st Image out of same kind of multiple image

I am working on the chrome browser’s download page. My page has multiple time the words “Show in folder”

I need to click on 1st “Show in folder”.

The issue is selector does not work here. So I need to use click image option. And I think click image option click the 1st occurrence which is near to mouse pointer. Not on the top one occurrence.

So I tried “Find Image Match” activity.

Activity Explanation:-

  1. Count Total “Show in folder”
  2. Show in dialog message how much total folder. Working fine till here.
  3. Then click on 1st occurrence.

These activities working fine if chrome is in maximized. But Its Click on 2nd occurrence if browser width is lower (minimised )

For more details check below topic. I have tried this solution. But its not working for me.

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use on image appear (indicate image) inside it use click image

or you can try this one too

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