How to click ok in the message box appears after macro execution in uipath

i am trying to click the ok button in the message box which appears after the execute macro complete.can anyone help me on this.

Try use Parallel Activity when invoking macro in one path and then element exist (timeout may need to be longer than normal or have do while loop until it exists) in the other, if exist click OK on pop up.

@TimK can you show me sample how to use parallel activity and element exists

It may look something like that :smile:

here where i put the click ok activity, sorry i am new to RPA it may be silly

After the Do While Loop - Once it finds the pop up it will exit the loop and then can click

I am giving the activties like above
but the error coming like below

@TimK can you please hel me on this

The click activity should be underneath the do while (in the same parallel swim lane)

but i am not able to drag click activity to down to do while

Put it all in a sequence then move

i given like this but also the message box ok button not clicked and bot is still running @TimK

thanks lot buddy it’s worked

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Use element exists activity after execution of macro file, use IF-ELSE activity and use click activity in then section.

@TimK hi buddy In the below string how to get string before (.)


i want to split only text before dot(.)

Try String.Split function


You then have a collection of strings so testd and vb.

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