How to click extension icon in chrome

i am working on automation process, in which i want to click on extension icon in the chrome. can anyone suggest me to choose the activity for this.
i tried with click activity but it is highlighting entire window not the extension icon, please check below

Hi @manogna
The menu area of Chrome doesn’t seem to be accessible to the UI activities such as Click.
Have you tried Click Image? It seems to be working reliably.

yes, i have tried click image also when i use click image it will select like this


You need to drag around the block of the image, as shown below:

i am getting this error

It looks like this is a different issue: Read this document

What is the extension that you’re trying to get the bot to click?

i am trying to click email extractor

Can you upload a recording of how the error occurs with bot, and also how it works when you manually do it?


Please check these help documents from UiPath Forums.