How to click every item in a list view from a desktop app using UIPath?

I have a desktop app view which contains a list , I want to make uipath click every item on the list ? what is the best way of doing it ? is using clip region a solution ? or what is the best solution ? Anyone has an idea ? would be appreciated . Thank you.

For example in the image below , let us say that it is a desktop view. I wanted to click each item or name from the list. Any idea guys ? Thank you.,

Hello @Jelrey :wave:

You can handle this with selectors and if it is a bit complicated, you can create a loop, search for a person using the search text box and then click on the ‘edit’ button. This way, you can do it for all the employees or users.

If it’s possible, could you share a screenshot of the selectors for the edit button?


How about searching from the dropdown select?

You mean the ‘Filter’ drop-down? I don’t see other drop-downs in your screenshot.

Let us say just for examaple , there is a dropdown filter.

Yes, you can use a drop-down to filter employees and edit their details. It’d be easier if you could share a screenshot of your app.


For example I want to click every item from the dropdown list and click every result from the table.

Click each item from the dropdown list and then click item from the result table

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Yes, this can be done and you still have to work with selectors (for clicking on edit) since you’re going to use the respective edit button inline with the respective employee’s data. Am I right?