How to click enable content in excel file?

i am trying to click the enable content in excel sheet but i cannot, can any help me on this

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hope this thread could give you some idea

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Hi Palani,

I tried with above reference but my sub menus are disappears after timeout.

I am trying to select the apple submenu under electronics in flikart site, could you please help me on this, this may be very silly i am new to RPA.

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@Palaniyappan can you please help me to resolve this.

no worries
can i have that url if possible
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@Palaniyappan in the above flipkart URL Electronics menu under which apple i am trying to select

Hi @Tamilarasanaccet
I think instead of hovering in to a dynamic part which have more chances to change in future , you can directly navigate to the page of apple by mentioning the URL(use navigate to activity and mention the direct url to apple page) , that will be reliable solution.

Hope it works.

Thank You

I would suggest to use UiExplorer. Open site with fist level menu. select it in UI Explorer and have a look in the Left panel tree below selected Item by opening nested levels. You might see sub menu there.
select founded selector . check off ‘silly’ items in the right panel an copy result from the bottom panel into you script for clicking.