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I want to click the Button “Umkreis” and then on “0 km” but I’m not able to do so. The “Click” Activity only clicks on “Umkreis” but not on the following “0km”. I also can`t type “0” in. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hi @FAB ,

I stead of using click activity try with select item activity which helps you to select the appropriate word in dropdown. You can pass 0km in select item activity. You have to indicate dropdown in the select item. And also refer the below thread for more guidance. Thanks.


As @kirankumar.mahanthi1 mentioned you can use Select Item Activity

If that shows error, then you can use Click activity for clicking on Umkreis and another click to select “0 km”

Hope this will help you


dropdown is a composition of different elements along with an unoredered list. We can click is within a two step click sequence (expand & select)


it was working at our end. Maybe some synchronization between the two steps are needed for a reliable stable flow

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Thank you for your answer, but Select Item Activity didn`t work in the browser

Thanks Peter. I had a mistake under indicate screen.

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