How to Click Element if we have other duplicate id's

Need help in finding exact click in mention image i want to click first highlighted option which is under Gestion Libre Equans. But i am unable to differentiate it. I used all options exact them using anchor or find child or using ancestor option too. I am able to get unique id but pbm is in all parent cell i am getting , Is there any way to omit nav up =‘3’> tried to pass aaname too but it’s not finding it. clicking all options based on nav up tag

hi ,

I hope this will help ;

you can use Ui Explorer
and then use the anchor
and your anchor is “Gestion Libre Equans”
the parent element of anchor better use inner text


i tried same method but no luck, as mentioned if i used anchor i am getting default , i dont want that tag, since the web page all parent id having nav up=‘3’ is any way to void it

select the first “AXA WF Fra Eu MCAP A” without anchor
put the result in notepad
select the second “AXA WF Fra Eu MCAP A” without anchor
put the result in notepad
compare the difference (see also attribute) . their must be a difference .

if not the case send me two picture of what you got as a result


You can try click text & provide the occurrence if the structure is fixed.

i got unique ID for both but issue is like suppose i have two names xx and yy. Now i need to search xx first and click only those which appear under mentioned parent and also same parent name is multiple times so i need to click all xx in mentioned parent. then i move to yy and same need to follow for yy. I may get 100’s of xx and i need to click only one parent drop up, i am able to get id dynamically but as i said if i choose anchor i am getting nav id which is common for all parent, my web page is like image. unable to use click image as it’ s not supporting

Hello @n.krishna.moorthy

Are you able to find any id for the parent item as well? Maybe an idx for parent and idx for child?


Hi @n.krishna.moorthy ,

Could you also perform an Additional check and provide Screenshots of the Ui Explorer :

  1. Indicate the Parent Element that you have to click. Take a Screenshot of the whole UiExplorer and Paste the Screenshot here.

  2. Indicate the Child element that you want to click. Take a Screenshot and paste the Screenshot here.

We can further analyse on what attributes needed to be included for the Combined Anchor Selector based on the above data.

How to make exact match for attribute in selector, like any match connection can give in selector. in my case selector taking all close match, unable to define with aaname

Use Strict Selector instead of Fuzzy Selector.


Tried same it’s not working. Some how I tried to find my attributes. But now my problem is unable to click next item.
For eg i have 2 item name ABC and XYZ presents in
few drop down list as image(not actual dropdown) now want to click each item in particular dropdown using loop.
I can’t use idx value because for ABC it’s 1 and increase for next ABC and for XYZ it’s 3 and increase randomly for next dropdown but if I remove idx and make aaname as dynamic name and using find condition I am able to goto particular dropdown and using shortkey to find item. But every time it’s clicking from first dropdown. I want each item to click in mentioned dropdown.
Eg for ABC idx is 2 4 6
And for XYZ is 3 6 10

You asked how to make the selector exact. Strict Selector is how you do that. You’ll have to make it dynamic to click each item you want to click. You can designate the parent object(s) as part of the selector so that it clicks under the correct dropdown.

I tried all possible way even using anchor base. I am able to resolve my mentioned issue. now My issue is as in my attached image I want to click highlighted item in all gestion libre EQUANS(i have 4 gestion libre EQUANS of same name) everyitem i click it’s always click on first dropdown, i removed idx but don’t know by default it’s taking idx value

Can you find elements with text as gestion libre EQUANS and then loop through them?

also check possibility of “get attributes” of elements before clicking,
if you get “Checked” attribute as TRUE, based on that you can either click or increase the value of Idx, then use element exist to check if that increased valuse of Idx is actually valid, and then click it.