How to click each header on the screen

I have a screen that looks like the image below. For each header (ex: “Experienced Services Program”) I need to click and then perform some actions within each. The number of headers on the screen will change, along with the actual header title.

Is there a way to automate this?


Try using for each ui element


Hello @kasey.betts

I hope all these headers are a hyperlink. If yes, you can use the Table extraction to fetch the url in each header and then use that link to open each header.

Another approach is to get the headers using table extraction and then loop using the header values collected by making the selector dynamic.


I cannot find the package associated with this activity in my manage packages. Here is a screenshot of my sources


Which version of ui path are you using?

Can you go to Activities panel->click on filter->show modern


I found it! Thank you!

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