How to click each element of a scroll down list

I have a list as you can see in the below screenshot. Basically the paper and pen icon is a button which I have to click on. After I am done clicking on the first one, I need to go to the second item in the list and so forth.


Currently I am able to click on all three but the problem is there could be more than just 3 so hard-coding the web recording will not cut it.

Which direction should i take.

If you check the selectors, then they will have a common incremented number, so passing the selector by changing that particular integer in the selector everytime will help you to click on the buttons one by one :slight_smile: @michaelamay0


To expand on what @HareeshMR noted. Get the table size. Initialize a loop to loop through the table size and set count++. Inside the loop pass count to the selector as the idx value. See the example below. Ignore the tableRow portion :wink:


in order to help you better please provide details of your selectors, at least 3 of them.


Hi HareeshMr, selectors for the 3 edit icon buttons

1 2 3

@michaelamay0 Is this still an issue for you?

If so, can you navigate through “Open UI Explorer” and find selectors that utilize the the row number of an edit icon button?