How to click dropdown

I have a same problem like this How to get element of web dropdown navigations when i solve the problem by fix ui explorer but the project show error.
I want to click Landlord that child in Search. recorder not capture So i copy code in ui expolrer to selector of Landlord but it error.

I don’t know what path that i use do i check box every one.

and this error


Hi, can you send me the your flow… (1.2 MB)

Did you try Select Item Activity?

You can simply use select Item activity if you want to select one item. But if you want to click on multiple, use select multiple item and pass the data as an array (see below image)

Also you can use find children to get the list of all the elements that’s in the drop-down. Then you can loop through each item depending on the logic you want to build.

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