How to click different url's present in a web page

Hi All,

I have a requriment.
For example I have a web page and in the web page I have a set of links which contains pdf attachments.Some one let me know how to write a logicto read the links where there link names are not unique .

sometimes the links can be in the third line and sometimes in fourth line.


Can’t guarantee,but if you can use “find children” activity on the webpage or portion(div) where you have the links, try below filters in filter property.

Fetches links and file name contains Data keyword.
<webctrl tag='A' aaname='DATA*'/>

Fetches links where URL is a PDF

<webctrl tag='A' href='*.pdf'/>

Take the output and use in foreach activity with UiElement argument and click activity within it.

Or something like this should also work