How to click desktop screen?

I wanna have an access to desktop folders or apps with double click.
So i tired ‘Click image’ activity and selected image of folder on desktop screen I want to access.

But what I found is that the label of acitivity changed to “Click image ‘explorer.exe’” and selector was like this:

How can I do for having an access to desktop folders/apps with click?

I you want have access to folders or application on your desktop you should use:

  1. For files: list = Directory.GetFiles(folderPath)
  2. To launch apps: Start Process activity
    If you are using RDP connection and you have to use OCR/Image recognition you correctly used click/double click image activity.
    Can you describe your issue ?

Hello @einartia,

If you do want to execute apps that you have located inside this folder, as @pikorpa mentions, you do neet to use “Start process activity”:


But, if you save PDFs inside this folder (for example), and you want to do a process for these PDFs you do need to use other activies, such as Read PDF, For each activity, etc…

Is your click Image not working ?
If not working try to change below properties :

  1. MouseButton = MouseButton.BTN_MIDDLE
  2. ClickType = ClickType.CLICK_DOUBLE