How to click checkboxes below visible area?

I want to click checkboxes below the visible area after scrolling the vertical scrollbar. How to do that. Sending hotkey (Spacebar) or simulate click is not working.

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Hi try to use hot keys “page down” , then make condition if element exist then do click


Try with hot key ctrl+end or ctrl+down
While using hot key don’t select any element just the hot key is fine

And this will take you to the last cell of the excel rows
So that you can now click with a CLICK IMAGE activity

The steps involved will be

  1. Use a START PROCESS and pass the filepath of excel as input

  2. This will open the excel file

  3. Use a attach browser activity and select the excel file opened as a window

  4. Then inside that use a send hot key with just key and no element selection

  5. Finally use click image activity to click that option

Cheers @Subhrapratim_De