How to click changing file name from browser

Hi all
How to click and download all available reports shown on browser? The report name and the number of reports keep changing everyday.


Use Data scraping Activity to scrape the data and will give you output as DataTable and then use ForEach Row Activity to iterate that DataTable.

ForEach row in DT
  - use Click Text Activity and pass row("Report Name").Tostring

Thanks Lakshman.
Data scraping works, but click text failed. Error

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You passed wrong ColumnName here. It should be like this.

             row("Report Name").Tostring

Appreciate your help. It works now…Yeah…

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Hi Lakshma
I have another issue similar to this. I use data scraping + for each
However i keep getting this error.

Hi @nancy.tang
You can try using index value as well.
E.g. row.item(3).toString
Hope this will work for you.

Add this to for each?

Instead of row(“ORDER NUMBER”). toString
Add row.item(3).ToString


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Thanks, it works

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