How to click, change things (sound output, firewall stop) at windows system tray?

Hi! Im very new to UIpath studio.

How can i select and click windows system tray elements such as:

  • Change sound output
  • Start/stop firewall

Any help would be appreciated!



Welcome to UiPath forum.

Use some Ui activites like click to click the volume button and etc. please play around and learn UiPath.

Could you please review the below thread it might help you to adjust the audio volume. Not sure this would work on the newer version of OS.

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One more point i am not able to capture selectors for the volume option in the windows tray as you mentioned. but i have only one work around in my mind that we have to go to sound setting page under master volume we have to click and use right or left keys via send hot keys to increase or decrease the volume. this is temporary work around may be we have to explore on some solid steps. sharing my thoughts. thanks.


Thanks for the warm welcome and help!

I was able to manage the sound output switch via UIPath >> Use application >> windows settings do - click >> system >> click >> sound >> etc. output


  1. using the system tray icons for simple tasks, looks way more faster than waiting to several and complex windows to open and clicks
  2. Now i want to start/stop antivirus firewall with automation
  3. I think it is pretty usual to use, automate stuff from there*


I already did all of the above in power automate… it was pretty easy. There is an option to click ui elements based on “name” - “id” and so on.
Example: if i use selector: > button[Name
=“VIPRE”] than it cliks to the vipre antivirus button in the system tray. Any same solution in uipath?

Ok. In uipath also having similar feature we can use selectors to automate option in tray.

For suppose you are going for open vipre you will get selectors by using click activity. If the selectors for Open vipre and shutdown vipre but aaname only different in selector. In that case we will change the aaname alone so it will click shutdown vipre option.

I don’t have much knowledge in power automate. I suggest take look into uipath it is leading RPA tool and it is having so much advanced feature. Thanks and welcome again. Happy weekend :blush:

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Like Power Automate you can Scrape the elements and click the elements using click activity

If this is executing quickly then you can use Element Exist / On Element appear activity and place your activities

Hope this may help you


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Thank you for all the helps…

I tried to search studiox>>activities but every activity i found has to be inside in something (usually “use application”)

If i select my desktop as an application it detects: “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience\nvidia share.exe”

Let me ask you: could you write some specific place inside studioX where to search for what. :slight_smile:

The goal is still to click to a button (vipre for example) in the system tray.
Many thanks!

ok i found out what the problem was:
I have nvidia vga card and the driver was running with a “game/share overlay option”. This function was acting like a top layer and the uipath >>studiox >> activities >> indicate function did only recognize this top layer. And nothing beneath. I turned off this “nvidia gameshare layer” stuff after that it was no problem with recognizing system tray icons, softwares.
thanks for the help!

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