How to click button when the previous activity still loading

Is there any way to proceed to the next process even if the previous process is loading and not finished?

I am currently working on a SAP screen operation, but there is a problem that the operation does not allow to proceed to the next flow because the previous process is loading.

The following is the specific process.
1、Click the OK button in the process of uploading a specific file.
2、After pressing the button, a pop-up window appears with ok button and asks “Do you want to remember this flow?”
3,Click the OK button on the pop-up and proceed to the next process.

What is actually happening?
1,Even though the popup of 2 above is displayed, it does not proceed to the click activity of 3, and waits for a long time even if the timeout period is exceeded.
2、And when I press the OK button of the popup by hand, the SAP loading process disappears and I go to the Click Activity to press the OK button of the popup.

I guess the previous process of uploading a specific file caused the screen to be loading, and Uipath is waiting for it to finish. The previous process is still loading, so the next process (clicking OK on the popup screen) will not proceed.

What I want to do
1、I want to click the OK button on the popup screen while the screen is loading.

Is there any way to solve the above problem?
By the way, I set the “waitforready” of the click activity for the upload OK button to “None”, but the same thing happened.

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sync the bot with a retry scope checking / waiting for popup of step 2

Keep in mind that often dialogs in SAP are hidden, does mean:

  • we find them by element exists, … also when it is not displayed
  • when checking popup attribute relativeVisibility weget triggered if popup is diplayed or not

Hi @Kirigirisu_Coin

Try using on element appear activity!



There are multiple options to handle this

Let’s go one by one

  1. instead of the second click we can use Send hot key activity and use key as enter
    Let’s try with hot key instead in UI interaction

  2. Another option is use a Image exists or a Element exists activity and get the output as Boolean whether element is there or not
    Then use a IF condition and use a CLICK activity
    Make sure waitforready property is set as none

  3. Try click activity with type DOUBLE CLICK in the property panel

  4. Retry the same third step of click activity again and again by keeping it within RETRY SCOPE with no condition mentioned but
    Mention number of times you want to retry in property panel

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Kirigirisu_Coin

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Thank you all very much for all your advice.

I have now tried exist activity and would like to report you the results.

Last time, I think I told you that after clicking the previous activity (OK button), the next Ok button is not clicked because it is loading.

So, I changed the flow to include the Element exists activity before the next OK button is clicked, and click the second Ok button after “if activity” realize it exists. The image of flow is as follows.

1、Click activity of the first Ok button
2、Element exists activity of the second OK button
3、After confirming the existence of if activity, click activity of the second OK button is executed.

But it didn’t work as a result.

Here is a summary of what actually happened.
1、The click activity of the first OK button is executed, and it is confirmed that the Ok button is pressed.
2、The blue frame that indicates that the click activity of the first OK button is being processed does not move and does not come to the activity where the Element exists activity of the second OK button.
3、The blue frame indicating that the click activity of the first OK button is being processed does not appear even after one hour.

I am guessing that the reason why it is not coming is that Uipath thinks that SAP is still loading when the popup screen with the second OK button appears after the first OK button is pressed, and the processing of the first OK button is not finished.

Therefore, we would like to consider a process that sends a Hot Key to handle the first OK button click process. I will do that on Monday, so please wait for a while.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for your advice.
I’ve tried everything, but I can’t seem to get it to work.
Today, I got images. Therefore, I hope it will be easier for you to understand.

The following image will be the pop-up screen I want to press

As you can see in the debug screen, uipath studio stay to press the “Generate” button. (Click activity)

The following image shows the SAP screen after executing the debug run (step-in).
This pop-up screen will appear after pressing the previous Generate button.

So, the “Generate” click activity will be done successfully, and we think uipath studio will move on to the next activity.

However, as you can see in the image below, it does not proceed to the next activity at all. (I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes)

of course, hot key is one of the solution for this problem. However, I’d like to click the Generate button, and then go next activity.

Is there any other way to solve this problem other than hot key?

As a conclusion, when I put the Attach window in a place where the flow did not work, it worked.

I don’t know why I was able to solve the problem, but I was able to recognize the pop-up window with Attach window and proceed to the next process when I put an activity in the pop-up window that prevented the process from proceeding.

I’m not sure why the problem was solved, but when I made the popup window recognized by the Attach window, and added an activity that prevented the process from proceeding in the popup window, the process proceeded to the next step. Probably, without the Attach window, the parent element which SAP screen is was loading before the popup appeared, so it didn’t work.

Hi @Kirigirisu_Coin, make sure that your dependencies are fully updated!

And also check out the Pick and Pick Branch activities, these might help you get the intended behaviour that you are looking for.

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