How to click button based on user selected variable

hello, i need to click on the button w.r.t the variable i send… the robot should identify the variable i given and click the button which is applicable to that variable…


here i will send the value as non working… robot should select non working among that ui list and click on the respected action button

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you can use if activity to check variable with your condition then according to result put click activity on tthan and else box of if activity


@kavyashree.sundar, It seems like a table so read table and loop through it > using if condition check for the Non-Working keyword>Click on the matched row.


how robot knows whether to click on 1st action r 2nd action button…
what is the condition i need to give…

We usually implement below solution in such situation.

Buttons must have an unique id so identify the changes in ids from one button to another. Lets understand this example:
Id of button in first row = btn1
Id of button in second row = btn2

now, you know only numbers are changing so while looping through the table keep these number into a variable and pass that variable in selectors.