How to click and enter in floating Label in uipath

My project has implemented floating label and need to click and enter in the floating label for input field and anyone suggest me how to do in uipath

Hi @ashokkumar.pollu
Welcome to the UiPath Community!

To deal with floating elements, there are few tricks you can use.

  1. Use Hover activity to hover over the element and use Element Exists to find the floating label.
  2. Use App/Web Recorder (depending on your target app). This can give you ready-to-use code or usable with minimal corrections.
  3. Use the ‘Select after Delay’ feature when using Indicate Element on a UI activity. You can delay by keyboard shortcut “F2”.

Look up these terms on UiPath forum to get more help on the tricks others have used to get quick results.
I hope this helps.
Happy Automation!

Hi thanks for the quick help but click is not happening on the label just tried manually clicking the label when running automation and able to enter for that first i need to click on display name