How to "Click" a region and not an element

Hello- im trying to build an iteration with Excel For Each Row and need the next click to select a region or area directly below the anchor because the image/element changes with each iteration. Any suggestions? Thanks.

You mean click on excel or on any other application like web?

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I mean in an app/browser. I did figure out that I could use F3 to select an area. I tried that before but didn’t work until I deleted all targets and anchors, then it would let me use the rectangle selection tool. The F3 option worked for the first two iteration then it got hung up on the third selection? Please see below pics. Ill need to send multiple replies because forum will only let me send 1 pic at a time.

First pic is the target and anchors. It selects “Brown” correctly, then it selects “COOPER” correctly but then gets stuck on “Whiteside”. I reviewed the target settings and it appears its still looking for an image (an image of “Rebecca Brown”). What am I missing , the error just says could not find UI element?


This is the second part of reply with second pic, this is where it get stuck, says cant find UI element.

I believe you need to use the concept of dynamic selectors. Since the values are changing, you can pass a dynamic value inside the selectors.
please check below videos:

Thanks although Im using StudioX and cant find any options for dynamic click or anchor bases?

There is no dynamic click activity. You need to use this concept in click activity. Please refer videos posted above.

Thanks Ashish, although, it appears that this only works if you know all the possible variables. The Click activity is after a search in a database in which the variable is unknown, the process just needs to select the outcome from the search (which happens to be the name of a patient) but the name of all the available patients in unknown.

What can I do to select an element in an app that keeps changing after every search and all the possible variable are unknown?

Can’t you use studio community?
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Yes, I can use Studio, but again, the vids were about dynamic variables that are known. I don’t know the variable that will be selected. The process goes to an app (the patient management system), searches by insurance then “clicks” the first result to open the patient info. The name of the variable is not known. Is there a way to click by region and not have it search any variable image or text? Or, is there another activity that will accomplish the same objective?


Can you try using CV click activity under computer vision? This is the last option I can think of right now.

On how to use CV click, you can visit youtube/google.

Thanks Ashish- I think I figured out a solution and it appears to be working for now. For those that might run into the same problem:

  1. Click on the setting icon on the actual UI element

  2. Delete the “aaname=””” and “check:text=””” code in the “Selector” and “Fuzzy Selector” advanced settings box

  3. Slide the “Selector Accuracy” slide bar all the way to “zero”

  4. Make sure to have 3 anchors for the section/element you want selected

This seems to reduce the dependency on an actual image or text and relies more on the anchors to narrow down the region.


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Awesome :slight_smile:

I also figured out you can use the following in the Selector to indicate the element should be first item of the search results. This selector works much better. Thanks again.