How to click a pop-up behind another pop-up

I have work on this app where in there are instances that 2 pop-ups come at one time . But I can’t close the first pop-up or the pop-up on top without closing first the second popup which is behind the first pop-up . Can we possibly make the bot click the second pop-up even its behind ? how would be do that ? Any idea would be appreacited thanks.



Second-pop-up( this is the pop-up i want the bot to click OK but this is behind the first pop-up)


it depends on how strong the most top popup is blocking inputs for the other popup residing behind. But you can give a try on using the click activity with the option simulateClick = ticked on

simulate clicked on ?

give a try on:

also sir , can element exists detect if the pop-up is behind ?

same answer for element exists question. We have seen both options in our projects with different Applications

So what do you do as a human do to solve it?

Do you click on the popup behind? Then use the activity click, to click on the popup behind?

Or find another solution. Maybe your bot can write the data directly into the system, rather than getting the popups in the first place.

The problem is that if we put it to human perspective the human cant click it since it was fully covered by another pop-up which you cant close unless you can close the pop-up behind which was being covered.