How to click a Continued text in Desktop application

Hi all,

I am new to UI Path, i am working on Desktop application.

In application i have one Hospital search field, while searching Hospital its displaying multiple hospitals in down index. I want to double click Exact Hospital (Searched Hospital), here twist is in down index the hospital names are displaying like “DCH Regional Medical …” instead of “DCH Regional Medical Ctr”.

As of now i Used below steps

  1. Data Scraping
  2. For each row
    in for each row i taken If condition & entered my condition. If condition is true then i taken Click text Activity & i passed Hospital Name variable. But its not clicking due to hospital names are displaying Continued text.

Please any one Help me…


So what you mean is that you could figure out a selector that can click hospitals if their name is complete, but this same selector can’t detect these hospitals once the name is not fully shown and we have the …?

Ya you are correct

can you share your selector here?


okay try to open the selector in UiExplore and search for any property where we have name, it could be something like aaname or something like that, and check it and in the selector use a wildcard * to give make the selector detect any kind of text including … .

Using UiExplore its getting below selector

Hi here you have Row number, take one variable(int) and initialize that with the row index of the first row and use element exists if element exists then double click else its an end.

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