How to Click a button that disappears when out of focus

I am trying to type a local url in the explorer field and hit the arrow on the left to go to the location. But the arrow will disappear when i switch windows. there is no way to use click activity to press it. is there a better way to navigate to a local folder in windows like this?

Thank you so much!

give a try on confirming your entry with the Enter key instead of clicking on the button. have a look below:


thank you Peter for the fast reply. But how does this [k(enter)] work with a variable?

I found it here. Thank you so much Peter!

Hi, Peter, I have another problem. I want to use type into by clicking the folder(1) so that I can type my variable path in it. but it always clicks on the arrow (2) instead.

Any idea how to fix it?


give a try to do it without click on folder icon and use type into only. Let point the selector to the input field and configure empty field to yes

yes it works now!!! Thank you so much peter!!!

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