How to clear the error of implicit conversion from Integer to string?

I have created an argument ( int32 type) in out direction… Also created two variables in (Int32 ) type. But when I use this argument and variables in an assign activity, it’s throwing an error .

The error is BC30512: option strict on disallows implicit conversions from Integer to String…

How to rectify it?

try saving the File , sometimes , the default type of variable created is String .

HI @vignesh_S.M

If you have changed the datatype of the variable or argument after getting created them in the assign activity

Just empty the assign click outside and then enter the value in the assign , Some eimes this kind of bugs happens


Thanks @Priyanka_Ramesh … But, the issue is due to the reason that, I have defined the assign activities not within a sequence.

After enclosing all the activities within a sequence, the error has gone…

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