How to clear the content inside an array and dictionary

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I created an array and dictionary. I would like to know once I have information inside of these objects how can I delete or clear the information inside of them?. Tks for your help

@sergio85 For clearing u can use clear dictionary activity which is in uipath.


  1. TO Clear array just reinitialize array elements to null using assign
  2. There is a clear dictionary activity for your second query.

U can use clear collection activity to clear nd for datatable u can use clear datatable activity

shaik azmal

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Thank you so much for your help

Hi, I could not find clear dictionary activity. How can I add it?. Tks for your help.

See whether all the packages are installed in your uipath studio. If they are not then install them, you must see that activity.

Thank you so much. I found it after installing all packages.


I recommend to use assign activity as below for clearing your collection of type Array


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