How to choose transection date?

Hi , How to choose transection date to select element and transection date can mapping data excel Because this website can’t choose type into

Example : I choose 28/06/2022 to excel file , Bot know 28/06/2022


Hello @Saran_Thitawiriyayos

Please check the below video. You need to dynamically pass the day to the selector and need to choose it.

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Hi @Saran_Thitawiriyayos,

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If the date cannot be entered in the appropriate format in the Type into field, you will need to click on the date field as day, month, year.

Also, have you had a chance to review this issues?

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Thank you , Let me check now

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HI @Saran_Thitawiriyayos

Can you try once by putting AlterIfDisabled value as True in properties of Type into Activity.

Some cases this thing might work.

and try using simulate as well with AlterifDisabled


Hello @Saran_Thitawiriyayos
-Use type into Activity, and indicate the box to type the date

  • In Type into properties, You can see AlterIfDisabled option check it, and Simulate Type also check it.
  • Then pass the variable of Desired date format for a website. (dd/MM/yyyy)
    It will type in Backend of website and pick the date.

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