How to choose different column values at a time

how to choose different column names at a time
for example: if we have different depts in column how to choose them all at a time

Hi @anjani_priya
Can you give the input and the expected output.

there are three sheets ly cy aop
from LY,CY,LOP sheets, dept and month wise the salary should be sum and convert that into crores format and should fill the input sheet
how to do that
Book1.xlsx (78.4 KB)
here how to select all depts at a time?

how to select all depts at a time?


dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(row) {"HR", "IT", "FINANCE","MANUFACTURING","finance"}.Contains(row.Field(Of String)("dept"))).CopyToDataTable

Hi @anjani_priya
Change the sheets as shown below

Can use the below Xaml File for your requirement
It Helps you with the output sheet (33.7 KB)


I didn’t understand the code. Can you explain with annotations in code?
and the month should be considered.
in input sheet the date is mentioned. Upto that date, the data should be sum

Hi @anjani_priya

Can Check the below code (34.2 KB)


Check The below code with annotations (34.6 KB)

It Helps!

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