How to choose custom ML Model for Custom ML Package?

I’m trying to build POC for custom ML package but how to choose appropriate model ?
Please assist if any sample model available for POC…

What POC are you trying to build?

Dear Jeremy,

I planning to build POC on custom ML package.

But what is the goal of your PoC? Only testing that you can deploy a custom model? Or do you want to build the model yourself?
here you have some example that you can download and then upload as custom model if needed: ML Packages

Thank you @Jeremy_Tederry.
I was able able to build own ML Model.

I have one more query…
Uipath has uipath.cognitive.activities package which include text analysis.
What is difference if we use sentiment analysis using AI-Center model and cognitive acitivities component (example : microsoft text analysis or IBM watson text analysis) ?