How to choose a last radio button on the page

How to choose the last radio button on a page. The number of the records can vary and the page had to be scrolled down. If i select andrun the last button, it chooses some other button during the second run. PFACapture

@Aaditya - if the selector of the radio button is valid → during the automation process → robot will select the radio button without any issues.

The button is valid and my question is to select the last radio button. When i did it, some other radio button are being selected every time in random. Since the attributes are dynamic and the number of rows changes every time, the expected one is not being picked.

pls re-validate dynamic selector with multiple times and check the dynamic values are accurate or not ( with highlight the selector option). also - pls clear dynamic assigned variables once the selection process complete…

I tried highlight and repair, it gets validated but when i run a different radio button is picked as the count of rows increases with every run.