How to cheked the multiple random checkboxes in SAP

Hello ,
I am working on SAP automation , there is multiple random check boxes comes, and in process we have to checked that check boxes. how to do that?

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To see the state of a checkbox in SAP you have to use Get Attribute activity with the checkbox specified and the attribute “checked”. You can find that in the SAP training on the academy portal. If you are referring to how to deal with dynamic elements can you please post a more comprehensive use case?

Hello ,
That can help when there is fixed check-boxes. In my case, number of check-boxes generates randomly and i have to click all of them.

So how can i check that check-boxes?

Like below image, those are randomly generated check-boxes.

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This looks like a table. I’m not familiar with SAP, but if you have find childen activity you can use that and loop through the controls using For each (uielement)

Where ever you encounter checkbox, use get attribute (“checked”) to check the status and if false, perform click on the check box.

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when i try to indicate screen for find children activity , its taking the Selector of whole SAP window not for table. It means its not considering it as table.

Could you please tell me other workaround for this?

do you have sap scripting enabled? it would be the fastest way…
eventually you could read the first line with the “scrape” activity and scroll then loop until the the first line has the same text (which means it reached the last one)

yeah i have already enabled it.

Now its working for me, i have used send hot key activity and passed F5 key.and all the check boxes checked automatically.