How to check whether the account is new or existing in scan pdf


i need to check the account type(new or existing) from a scan web based pdf, i have try multiple activity like image exist, get text, CV activity but none of them worked.
Thank You!

can you share the sample pdf


i am not suppose to send you the pdf due to its security reason.

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1.You can use the “Read PDF with OCR” activity or "Read PDF " activity to extract text from the scanned PDF.
2.After that you can pass the out of “Read PDF” in “Find Matching Patterns”

3.So based on that you can write the regex pattern for that so it will give any one value New or Existing

as output any one has check


it is a web based scan pdf so I am not able to use any pdf activities.

so if it is web based pdf mostly image exist, get text, CV activity are not worked
so you can download the pdf and use the read pdf text activity and extract data what you want and then and at the end you can delete the that pdf i have done this way for some process