How to check whether text is visible or not

In the below image, the text was visible.
In the below image, the text was not visible.
How to check whether text is visible or not. Please help me to handle this.

You can use OCR to tell if the text is visible. You’ll need to tweak the settings so that you can check for text in one case and check for the greyed-out text in another. I recommend just fiddling with the settings a bit until you get something that works.

@qbss I guess you need to check an Attribute of the Selector is Active or not , Can you send the Selector for that Element in UiExplorer as a Screenshot


For invisible text

For Visible text

I did not get, can you explain clearly

Actually, I agree with supermanPunch on this one, though not all available attributes are clearly visible in UI Explorer. If you’re using Chrome (and this may work in other browsers as well), press F12 on the browser window. Here you can dive into the properties of each element on the page. There is likely something setting the button to be inactive or greyed out.

@qbss Can you Check with Get Attribute Activtiy for that Element with Value Set as “aaname” in this way, and check it’s Output when it is Visible and Invisible.