How to check whether a condition is met using if statement?

I have a scenario where For Each Row I need to get particular column value from a data table and compare it with a number. If a particular condition is met, I need to perform an action. Else I need to go to the next row. How can I achieve this task?

Inside your For Each Row :

Get the value of required column in any variable using varibale_name = row(“ColumnName”).ToString
Add an If Activity and inside condition compare the Above variable with the Number and perform your action inside Then of If Activity.

Hi @vivek_Chowdary.
Inside the For Each Row activity, add an If activity.
Then in the condition, use row(“ColumnName”).ToString then add a comparison.
For example, row(“ColumnName”).ToString = “Completed”.
Then on the left side of the For Each Row activity, insert those actions to be performed.
Hope this helps. Thanks.