How to check UiPath license information?


I have two related questions to licensing. At my company, we have 10+ VM’s with instances of UiPath Robot running with licenses on each machine for their bots. Then we also have a couple of Studio licenses for developers, but team has downsized, and this is now just me so we possibly have a couple of Studio licenses going to waste.

  1. Is there any easy way I can check each and every license number to check if it is a ‘Robot’ license or a ‘Studio’ license? As we would like to turn any of those excess studio licenses into robot to save company money once they expire.

  2. Also, there’s a license I have on file but I cannot use because it says is already assigned to a machine. We no longer have access to that machine (a previous employee’s laptop we cannot locate…). Is there a way to ‘deregister’ a license remotely and then I can re-register it to the new machine?

Thanks in advance!

Its all available in here

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Not familiar with this screen, is this Orchestrator? As we do not have Orchestrator unfortunately

C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\UiPath.LicenseTool.exe info
Use it in the cmd

Thanks, I can do this already, however it doesn’t give me information about whether it is a Studio or Robot license type. Is there anything on this that indicates it?

Can you show the result for cmd?

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 1.00.22 pm
This example should be a Studio license above.

As we do not have Orchestrator, I usually use cmd to activate/update the licenses when necessary. I can’t find any way to identify the license type using this however.

You need to find Uipath support