How to check the process on orchestrator and run the process again

I need to check if I run a process at a specified time using orchestrator and the process run successfully than the second process must not execute
But if the process could not run due to some error than it must run second time.
Overall If I say the process has to be triggered twice but the process will run just once.

  1. If successfully runs in first attempt than second process must not run.
  2. If process do not runs successfully in first attempt than it must execute in second run.
    Can anyone help me out with this??

Have you try explorer UiPath Web API ?

How that can be helpful??

You can use get Jobs to check status of your process, using list of unsuccessful jobs you can restart.

Hello @Kunal_Jain

Here maybe you can try adding a flag value to the asset( maybe a string asset) and then modify its value of it using the process.

For example: the first process after successful completion, set the value of the asset to “completed”.

The second process needs to first check for the asset value and if it is equal to completed, then set it to “Reset”.

If the first process failed to execute the value of the asset will not get modify, so the second process need to check the asset value and if it is Reset then execute the process.