How to check the last row in the grid

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I want to know how can I check the last grid that it is the last row so that I can input new details.

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You can get the value in the “Seq” column using get text activity for all the rows in a loop and then check if the value is empty.


If the value is empty, then that gives the last row.

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Hi @pattyricarte,

While inserting the details into the rows each time check it is in editable state or not and then try to insert the data. It will solve your issue.

To identify whether the row is editable state or not, try to identify the right selector and get the attribute value and use it in condition.

Hi @pattyricarte

If you can apply the ExtractStructured Data Activity , then you will get the number of rows from the output datatable. From that you will get the last index. Based on the index you can manipulate the selector for the corresponding index by incrementing the count.

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