How to check the file creation time is within specific time

I have a set of text files and need to get the creation time.
I am able to get the creation time using fileinfo(“filepath”).creationtime.tostring(hh:mm)
Now i need to check if the file is created between specific time i.e. (from 12 AM to 7:30 AM)
How do i do it?

find starter help
new Fileinfo("filepath").CreationTime.TimeOfDay >= CDate("12:00 AM").TimeOfDay

Hi @sneha_arbole ,

Could you pls have view on the below link it is having information related to compare the time. it might helpful for your requirement. thanks.


Thank you for the reply i will try this syntax

@kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

Thank you for the reply i will try this syntax

focus on using variables as well like:
myTS = new Fileinfo("filepath").CreationTime.TimeOfDay | TimeStamp

For the check:
myTS >= CDate("12:00 AM").TimeOfDay AND myTS <= CDate("07:00 AM").TimeOfDay

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