How to check the extracted text present in the column

Hi Team,
Im trying to extract text from a web page and store it a column (column name : xxx) in a table, i want check the text is present in the column. If present i want to store the value as unique in another variable .

Hi Vicky, Do you need the solution or you are getting any error ? Since no information available, want to suggest below steps to follow. Please share in which part you are getting error ?

  1. Scrape data to DataTable ( This should be more reliable)
  2. Then process the DataTable ( easy part and straight forward)

I am also rookie, Based on information you gave, thinking of above two points.

I’ve already stored the value of text in a column. But, i want check the text is duplicate text or unique text. Need some help.

Hi @vickyms57,

after getting value use if condition to check the value is already present in the column or not.

True-> already the data available
False-> not matched


Can we pass a variable in the place of value.

Hi @vickyms57,

Yes you can pass the value.


Dt.Select("ColumnName='"+StrValue.T oString()+"'").length>0