How to check the article is available from more than one supplier and selects the supplier with the lowest article price

So basically: In the company, internal orders are reported by means of a form to the procurement
department, which processes them. For this purpose, the completed form is sent to
procurement by e-mail as a PDF. The relevant employee opens the mail, views the
purchase requisition and checks the availability of the articles in the ERP system. If the
article is available from more than one supplier, the employee selects the supplier with
the lowest article price. Then the employee orders the ordered quantity of the items via
ERP system.

So here in this case, I am done with all the mail, pdf extraction and ACME system 1 login things. Then, in vendor tab there is two options: One is Vendor stock and another is Vendor Inventory. Isn’t the both are same thing, so I don’t know how and where to check availability of articles and choose the supplier with lowest price. I am quite new to UI path just started learning through ACME system 1. Could anyone please guide me through this process of Purchase requisition. It will be really appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @Dream_Catcher
Welcome, No problem every pro was a beginner.
Check this

  1. Vendor Stock: This typically refers to the stock or inventory of items that a specific vendor or supplier has available for immediate delivery. It represents the quantity of items currently in stock at the vendor’s warehouse or facility. Checking vendor stock helps determine if the items requested in the purchase requisition are readily available for delivery.

  2. Vendor Inventory: This refers to the overall inventory or product catalog maintained by the vendor. It includes all the items that the vendor offers, regardless of their current availability. The vendor’s inventory provides an overview of the different products, their descriptions, prices, and other relevant details.

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