How to check the activity


i want to ask how can i check if my automation no error, how can i see the output

Hi @Nur_Amin

You can see the Output in the Output panel

The User Interface.


if i want to see the final result for example, if i convert from text file to excel, i want to see the excel with the new text file, where can i see it?

Hi @Nur_Amin

You can see it in the new excel file that created in the project location.

Can you tell what do need and what is the issue? without that we can’t able to give the result?


Hi @Nur_Amin ,

It depends on the activities you use, and where you choose to output them.
If you could share a snapshot of the workflow, then we would be in a better position to assist you.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

i have a few proble (im new to this uipath)

  1. after i press the run button, my text file that i want to convert to excel appear on the excel named project.

  2. the excel template that i choose for my text file to appear only show column 1 and column 2 which i think my automation is fail

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