How to check selectors, when it doesn't appear without click?

Hello all,

I hope you all fine & safe. In one of my projects, I am clicking settings button on IE and choosing one from there by clicking again. But I am not able to check selector with “Edit Selector” or “UI Explorer”. Because it doesn’t appear, if I don’t click. If I open UI Explorer, it doesn’t validate at first. Then I’m clicking settings button, but if I click on “validate” button, other settings part is disappear. It’s such a dilemma. I wish, “F2” button worked in here too. How can I control the selector, that the properties are right?

@gkzbPreformatted text you can use click image activity.

Hello thanks for answer, but I didn’t mean this…

I am basically clicking with click activity on settings, zoom respectively;

But after that, I want to check this activity, whether selectors are correct or not. and I open the UI Explorer. But it can’t validate, because I can’t click on both at the same time.