How to check if the input time is exist between time range or not, pls any one help me

I have a scenario that if input time exist between 00:00 -12:45 then take b column value
if input time exists in 12:46 - 24:00 then take c column
input datetimevar=07/18/2022 13:26:01
here what is the logic to check that input time is existed between in which range 00:00-12:45 or 12:46-24:00
can anyone tell me the steps
@Gangadhar_Athili @THIRU_NANI


Try this:


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Hello @saritha_panguluri You can do this. Get only 13:26 from input date time variable and then compare it with <= 12:45, if it so then take column b, else column c. Try attached workflow for ref (2.9 KB)

thank you @ushu

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