How To Check if String Exists in PDF File?

Thanks @GersonTun & @Elya , I have different approach rather than finding string in one PDF page, my file contains many pages, so to search that I need to use “Search” option in PDF file instead of OCR.

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@hsendel - what you are planning to do when you find the string on a particular page?

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@hsendel actually the Read PDF text activity, reads all the pages at once, not page by page.


Hello @prasath17 , I will just confirm in excel sheet that this string exists

@GersonTun , Any limitation on number of pages ?

@hsendel - Please take a look at this post…this will help you…Here I have look for a string and if that string exist I will remove that page…You ignore that portion and use the others…

Only thing you have to do here is, instead of hardcoded text you have to pass your datatable row…thats it…

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Thanks @prasath17 , I will check and revert back to you.

@prasath17 , This is exactly what I want, but is it possible to add a way to show in which pages this needed string exists after Match Activity?

@hsendel - yes very simple…

Index + 1 is the page # you are reading. So when you get hit just print the index + 1…thats all


never go for OCR unless you don’t have a choice

Check this post please…

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Awsome !!! @prasath17 , Possible to add the number of occurrences of searched string?

@hsendel …yes possible.

In the above post I am looking for word certificate using regex Right…you can use the same logic with some tweak as below…

 IntCount = system.text.regularexpressions.regex.matches(yourstring,regex pattern).count

Great JOB @prasath17 . Topic can be Closed :+1:

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Hello @prasath17 , Finally not able to get the Total number of occurrences, seems something is missing, Could you please advice ?


Note : I have removed “Solution” Improvement just to avoid closing the Topic, will do it again latter on.

@hsendel - where you are giving this ? Please show me your assign activity…?


If you using this in an assign statement…Please try as shown below…


Note: In your case, Just remove the .value…

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Thanks @prasath17 , I’ll check and revert back to you.

Hello @prasath17 , I’m not able to include this item in For Each Loop Activity.
Could you please help to add it in your shared Example :
In pdf Get the string avilable page number in to excel - Help / Robot - UiPath Community Forum

@hsendel - please show me what you have tried so far ? My 2nd screenshot is from that Workflow if you look closely.

Please provide couple of screenshors of your assign statements.

Hello @prasath17 , I have added ToString before Count String in RegEx formula, Error disappears but not able to print the corresponding value.

How to keep only one value instead of printing same value “5” each time ?

Is it the wrrong place where I put this IntOccCount ?