How to check if specific value contains in 'Select Item' or not?

Hi There,

I have some 4 words which I only need to process from dropdown box which has 10 different words.

How to process using ‘Select Item’ activity only if given 4 words are present ?

Or what other logic we need to use ?


Hi @Muralikrishna_Surve ,

You can use the Find Children Activity to fetch a UIElement List and then iterate through the items to check if the items you are looking for are present or not.

If its not present then throw a Business Exception.

If that is too much of a stretch for you, then you could also try encasing the Select Item Activity within a Try-Catch and handle the exception like so, but I wouldn’t recommend this.

Its always best to handle known exceptions through conditional logic.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K


Hi @Muralikrishna_Surve

I have created a demo workflow based on your scenario.
Please have a look and let us know if it works. (3.3 KB)


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