How to Check if PopUp Selector exists


my case is like this:

Sometimes the number is not unique. In this case popup in black displays possible options:


Now, I need to check, whether popup exists. How to define it?
I pressed F2, entered the number and then it did not give me the option to select the black box.

I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Thx and kind regards,

Hello @VanjaV ,

You can either use Element Exists or check App state activity to achieve this.
Using Ui Explorer inspect on this popup and get a reliable selector( which doesnt have any dynamic values), then use it in the above activities as i mentioned.

It will give you a boolean output. You can use If activity and check.

If(variable=“True”), perform some action : Else, performanother action.

If you are using modern desginer you can use App/Web recorder to record the activities.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Thx for your effort.
My problem is, how to define popup within UiPath.
The latest version does not have UiExplorer anymore.

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Which version of studio are you using? I hope you are looking for some solution to handle the popup using UiPath. Then above will work for you.

If not plz explain your requirement.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

I am using latest UiPath. I do not know how to use it:

in order to specify the popup of the field and not the field.

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If you are using the latest version check in the Top Ribbon, and you can see UI Explorer.

Using that inspect on the popup. There in the selector you will able to find some attributes which highlighting the presence of a popup. Maybe aaname=“popup” or something.

Just inspect on the popup using UI Explorer and the share the screenshot here.

Hi @VanjaV,

You are using Modern Design in the studio, to disable it Go to the project panel and then project settings, turn off the Modern design experience, and reload it. now you will get the classic view of the studio itself.

For popup, try element Exist or Get Attribute activities to check the popup exist or not.

what if dynamic pop ups are generating intermittently to handle them?