How to check if machine has Unattended Robot license

Via UIPath code/automation, how can i verify what license(specifically if Unattended) installed on my machine?

Hi @Jerome_Cabutotan,
Some of settings can be checked using Regutil:
However for type of robot only Orchestrator seems to be the way to check it.

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Appreciate your reply @Pablito. I also explore Orchestrator package but seems no activity to query Robot?

Orchestrator is using same packages which comes from Robot installation. So seems the only way is to check type of robot in Orchestrator dashboard.

Would you know which on below can query robot dashboard?


@Jerome_Cabutotan you get me wrong. Type of robot assigned for you machine you can check in Orchestrator Dashboard. I mean this:

When you are publishing your workflow to Orchestrator, there you are deciding which type of robot will take this job.
Have you seen our Academy training LVL2 - Orchestrator? I recommend to check it. It will show you how to do work with Orchestrator.

I believe i managed to visit such training. But what i would like to do is determine certain robot properties via automation/code(i.e. Get Credential activity).

Unfortunately it’s not working like this. Seems not beneficial when you as an admin/developer can just check it in Orchestrator.