How to check if file is synced or not in one-drive

Hi All,

How to check if file is synced or not in one-drive.
I tried using image exists and element exists but it is not working.

Please let me know, if you have any idea.


Hi Krishna,

I am following the below steps-
1 Opening the path(one drive) in file explorer using “start process” activing
2 using element exists/image exists for checking the green tick mark in excel file image icon, but is not working.

Sorry, Google Drive is different than one drive… i tried in Google Drive…

Do you have any idea, how to do it in OneDrive?

OneDrive looks like a folder. Before placing a file into a folder get file size and keep into a variable. After placing the file into OneDrive window (by copy paste activities or move activities) keep a loop and check the file name and size. when it matches the size of the file name then end the loop.

This is how you can make sure each file is getting copied into OneDrive successfully.
hope my inputs are useful.

Some times it happens size is same. I just want to check if file is synced or not.

Dears , Any solution for this Topic? Thanks

I have one tip which may help with this one.
Just right click on the folder in which you want to have file synced and then choose “Always keep on this device”.

It makes all the files in the folder being synced right after editing or placing them there. You can also do it on specific file, not the folder.