How to check if excel file was loaded?

Hi guys
I have an issue on Excel usage.
In my scenario I have to export from a desktop application a set of data in Excel file.
By default, Excel opens Book1.xlsx workbook that I have to save it on the disk for a future operation.
How it will be possible to determine when the export is finished?
After clicking export I’ve attached the Excel window using Attach Window activity, but I don’t know how
to check if the entire set of data was loaded.
Any ideas?

@Mugur, Use Excel Application scope

Cannot use Excel Application Scope on an unsaved file.

You can check Row count .

I’m exporting some data in excel and I don’t know how many rows will be exported. How to check row count?

You will be having a Datatable Right? . You can get the Count by using log or MessageBox
with value Datatable.Rows.Count.ToString

I don’t have a data table because I cannot read the excel. I want to save the excel after loading it. But I need to know when the entire file is loaded

Can you please share the Xaml, it would be helpful for us to understand better